A New 237 Music Group is Born. 2 Rollz Music Group

2 Rollz Music Group
A New 237 Music Group is Born. 2 Rollz Music Group

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2 Rollz Music Group is a dynamic music group consisting of 5 multi-talented up-comers whose bottom line is to pervade Africa’s music industry.

Concentrating on a variety of genres is not just an advantage but a new trend these folks are up to. They are into rap, Afropop, and RnB.

In an effort to guarantee survival in a city saturated with talents and record companies, these 5 multitalented daredevils came together. They team up to beat all odds under the tutelage of Young Clef, Stephido, and Knoffli Billz.

This is how  2 Rollz Music Group came into existence. But unfortunately, Young Clet later left the group and was signed to Brain Box Music.

It’s not often that a group of young artists can get behind such a vision. They are working extremely hard not only to take over but plan to commit to the Cameroonian music industry.

To put them in their proper context, we’ve listed the various performing members of the group so as to give you a taste and a preview of what they’ll surely become.


Age: 17 years Old

Special Skill: Afrorapper and Singer

Real Names Njong Dilang and originating from Batibo tribe in the North West region, Waz B did his secondary education in CCAS Kumba.

He started music at a juvenile age by singing for the Church band. In the orchard of the Lord, he gradually developed his musical skills to become an Afro rapper and singer.


Age: 18 years Old

Special Skill: Rap and Sings

One of the original founders of 2 Rollz Music Group, Jeafack Junior Stephan aka Stephido originates from Dschang in the West Region of Cameroon. Haven attended CCAST Kumba; he was an active member of the art and Craft Club.


Age: 22 years Old

Special Skill: Rap, tattoo artist,

Real Names Ndeh Makia WesleyMak Wes is an RnB singer from the Bamileke tribe but he grew up in the south West Region. Apart from singing, Mak Wes is also a tattooist and creative art designer.

Knoffli Billz

Age: 19 years Old

Special Skill: Afropop Singer

Ako Knoffli from Bayangi Tribe in the North West Region is an Afropop singer.

Bebe La Boo

Age: 18 years Old

Special Skill: RnB Singer

The only female act in the group, this young and talented girl hails from the Bayangi tribe in South West Region.  She sings RnB

All these young guys mentioned above are still to reach 25 years of age and yet already they are pursuing their dreams with one step at a time. At this level, what they have put together as plans with proper management and consistency will probably evolve to be our Kiff No Beat of Cameroon.

However, the road to success and making it big has very much followed the same routes as the people who run it now. They plan to set a national trend by building a lifestyle that includes music, shop, tattoo shop, rentals etc…

Interesting Facts

Apart from doing music, these young guys have got set up a clothing boutique which was launched officially in January and its located in Deido Douala. They sell designer dresses, hoodies, caps, shoes etc.. Their shop also acts as a tattoo parlour as their artist Mak West is also an acclaimed tattoo artist. He draws great tattoos, does piercings and also paints portraits.

So You See Why

Most unsigned upcoming Cameroonian artist will just fold their hands while waiting for a miracle record label to give them a contract and foot their bills. However, this is not the case with 2 Rollz Music group as these youngsters are investing in other ventures to make more money to support their music careers.

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