A Conversation with Gasha About Diamonds

gasha diamonds
gasha diamonds

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It’s been long fans heard of Gasha. She has kept a low profile for sometime now, working underground to top the chart. Gasha’s most recent song titled, Diamonds has caught my attention.


Diamond is a soul touching song that may not top the charts now but will get you stuck on replay. Produced by DJ Karl, this song is more rhythmic with dance hall and Afro-soul sounds. The raucous and soft voice of the young artist gives a more intimate and warm connotation. Through Diamonds, Gasha shows that love is not only carnal but also family.

gasha diamonds
gasha diamonds

I was so touched by this piece that I had a meaningful conversation with Gasha about Diamonds, her latest song release.


What’s the inspiration behind Diamonds?

Diamonds is inspired by gratitude. Gratitude for the support I received from my family, friends, and from the people who know me intimately, especially during my down moments.


One thing that inspired me was the fact that artists never realize that it’s hard to be the friend, mother, father, boyfriend of an artist because your calling alone is a wild one.


So, society really doesn’t accept you and the people that are with you.

gasha diamonds


But it’s important that we let those people know that because they don’t owe us anything, that they don’t have to be there, that it’s not a duty for them. But they do it with all their heart. So, that’s Diamond. Thank you for being there. I see you and I’ll make sure I shine like a diamond for you because you’re my motivation. You’re the reason why I’m doing this. Because you give me the strength to be able to do it.


Why the name Diamonds?

The title Diamonds means I’ll shine like a diamond for you. So, it’s diamonds for you. I’ll give you a good life. I’ll give you everything.


What about the timing of the song?

I’ll say it’s just a reflection of my state of mind, the way it’s been for some time now as a creator. That is the name of the EP from which all the songs you guys will be listening to for some time now; that’s how the EP is called, Diamonds.

gasha diamonds

Diamonds symbolizes prosperity, forever, resilience, you have to dig deep to find the diamond. It’s not easy to cut it. You make it under the hardest conditions. It’s not easy to melt it. That’s Diamonds. That’s my state of mind right now and that’s Africa’s state of mind right now. Through this song, I’m trying to inspire everybody right now.


DJ Karl produced it with all his heart and I braved through the toughness the same way I braved through every other situation in my life. I go to God because he’s all I have. I’m blessed with a loyal family and a crazy support system.

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