Afro Hustler & TekCitadel to Train Anglophone Cameroon’s Business Owners on How to Survive the Anglophone Crisis

Afro Hustler & TekCitadel to Train Anglophone Cameroon’s Business Owners on How to Survive the Anglophone Crisis

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Afro Hustler (, a community that curates African business stories and ideas on entrepreneurship and professionalism in Africa, announces its first ever grand event on entrepreneurship, Buea Business Conversations. The first edition of this event, organized in partnership with TekCitadel, will, therefore, take place on April 6, 2019, at Eta Palace Hotel, Molyko-Buea under the theme: RUNNING A BUSINESS IN A CRISIS ECONOMY. This event will bring together a group of vibrant and amazing business leaders of different business fields.

About Buea Business Conversations

Afro Hustler’s Buea Business Conversations event will educate, inspire, and also motivate entrepreneurs currently facing the wrath and uncertainty of the present Anglophone crisis in Cameroon. While others are making it big during this crisis period, others are shutting down. Thus, this event is going to provide entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs alike with tips on how to go about with business in a crisis-hit economy.

Commenting on the launch of this first-of-its-kind event, Otto Akama, Editor-in-Chief at Afro Hustler, said: “As a community, the crisis hit us hard where it pains the most. We took a toll and almost died in 2018. But we somehow managed to survive and in the process, learned a great deal. So, I believe you have an experience to share and what better way than in an event like this.

“I believe that if we share our lessons and learn from each other, our collective knowledge will make us crisis-proof.  If we become crisis-proof, then I will guarantee you that, as a community of entrepreneurs, we will succeed. And together, nothing will be able to stand in our way.”

Addressable topics

Therefore, during this event, thought-leaders will share ideas on a good number of topics: Sales, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, to International Expansion/New Markets, Business Transformation, and Business ideas.

Also, the event will have some of the thought-leaders showcase some of their most innovative products and creations.

So then, come and join the crew to discuss entrepreneurship. The Afro Hustler team is always ready to provide the tech and entrepreneurial community with the best advice and ideas on business.

Afro Hustler is a service of Makonjo Group Limited, a technology company. Its mission is to promote honest and progressive conversations.

To know more about Buea Business Conversations, contact:

Name: Otto Akama

Organization: Afro Hustler, by Makonjo Group Limited

Address: Baird Memorial Street, Bonduma, Buea.  SWR. CMR.

Phone:  +237 677 243 603


This event has been authorized by the Divisional Officer for Buea, South West Region, Cameroon.

Buea Business Conversations Event Under the Theme: Running a Business in a Crisis Economy