Afro Hustler Launches Small Business Pitching Contest

Afro Hustler Launches Small Business Pitching Contest

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Afro Hustler ( is organizing a business pitching contest for people who wish to start up small businesses. The event will take place at Makonjo Media Buea on June 29, 2019. Afro Hustler is a curated community of African entrepreneurs and professionals that creates and promotes progressive conversations about business, entrepreneurship, and professionalism in Africa. Afro Hustler is a service of Makonjo Group Limited.

Coming at a timely moment when most businesses have closed down because of the Anglophone crisis, the Afro Hustler Small Business Pitching Contest will run under the theme: “Bringing Small Business Ideas to Life.”

The story behind the contest

According to Otto Akama, Editor-in-Chief of Afro Hustler:

“We believe there are many entrepreneurs who would start and remain in business if they had the means. We are also aware of the many young people in our towns and cities; graduates, dropouts, orphaned, scammed, IDPs, and more, who need a little spark of support to start a small business that could change their lives forever. We’re, therefore, providing a platform for them to share their unique ideas with the general public at the end of every month in a business pitching contest, in an effort to raise startup capital that can bring their small business ideas to life.

On the Afro Hustler Pitching Contest, we explore the business ideas of young people. We take a look at their passion to do business and their capacity to execute, and we use the combined power of a panel’s experience in business and God-given discernment to pick a winner.

This project is part of Afro Hustler’s Running a Business in a Crisis Economy, which has a mission to assist entrepreneurial persons affected by the Anglophone Crisis to fight poverty and thrive.”

Afro Hustler is not an investment firm. As such, we will help the winner raise money from the community through crowdfunding techniques. Our objective is to raise a minimum of FCFA 50,000 from the community and award the money to the winner.

We believe that this could be a way to help people in need of basic capital for small business ideas to get the money they need to kick-off. We believe that this will also create a platform for anyone to support people and ideas they care about during this very difficult time of need in Cameroon’s Anglophone community.

The pitching process

Participants will submit their ideas by filling a form. Our team will go through the ideas and select ideas that have been properly presented and meets the objectives of the campaign and present them for social voting that will take place on The persons who submitted the top 5 voted ideas will then present their ideas in front of a small panel of business developers in the community after which we will get a winner.

The contest is an opportunity to connect small business ideas to people who would love to support them. We hope to organize one contest a month. Our mission is to help at least, one person to raise a minimum of FCFA 50,000 every month. We believe this support could be the start of a new life of each person supported.

We are, therefore, open to partnering with different organizations who have similar visions and would like to make this project work or make it better. For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact: Person: Otto Akama

Organization: Afro Hustler (by Makonjo Group Limited)

Address: Baird Memorial Street, Bonduma, Buea-Southwest Region, Cameroon.

WhatsApp: +237 677 24 36 03