Afro Hustler Writers’ Bootcamp 2019 – Applications Now Open

Afro Hustler Writers' Bootcamp 2019 - Applications Started

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Writers need mentorship and knowledge from people who can give productive instruction, help identify what’s missing in your writing, and see what’s wonderful about your skills so you can not just fill in the gaps but lean on your strengths. People who can help you create a plan for moving forward and then point you to the tools and inspiration for making it happen.

If you are looking to hone your writing skills and break into the world of business blogging, here’s an opportunity you should find interesting.

Afro Hustler is organizing the first edition of the Afro Hustler Writers’ Bootcamp, scheduled to begin on July 1, 2019. This on-site training program is open to everyone passionate about writing and is looking to build a career out of it. Access. Community. Guidance. These 3 things are the central values of the Afro Hustler Writers’ Bootcamp.

The program is an open coaching and support system for everyone with a little background in writing. For those who want to take their writing skills to the next level.

About the Afro Hustler Writers’ Bootcamp

Intended for writers who have taken a few steps along a writing career, this program will give them access to invaluable writing resources, an eager community of like-minded writers, and live sessions with an editor for guidance and hands-on training in blogging for the business/entrepreneurship world to help writers reach their full potential.

Starting with as little as a single sentence, you’ll start shaping your idea into a publishable piece of content.

Afro Hustler will select 10 finalists from the pool of applicants who will go through a 3 months hands-on training. They will get an intensive, hands-on introduction to the world of business/entrepreneurship blogging and what we do at Afro Hustler. At the end of the Bootcamp that will see candidates compete on a live writing project, 4 lucky writers will be offered a 3-months paid internship with Afro Hustler, with future work potential.

Eligibility for the Bootcamp

Applicants must:

  • Be able to communicate effectively through writing
  • Available for a 6-months Bootcamp in Buea
  • Be passionate about or have a background in writing
  • Have a laptop

Sounds good to you? Apply here. Applications close on June 26, 2019.