Agbor Balla, Ayah Paul, Dr Fontem & Co Released

Agbor Balla, Ayah Paul Dr Fontem & Co Released

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News reached bequadi early this afternoon pertaining to the release of Agbor Balla, Ayah Paul Abine & Co who were arrested and thrown in jail based on the Anglophone Struggle.

The information was announced on the National Radio station during the 5 pm News and popular Equinox journalist Mimi Mefo Made the announcement on twitter

After a long stay Kondengue prison, a presidential decree issued by President Biya grants clemency to Agbor Balla, Ayah Paul Abine & Co. H.E. Paul Biya has ordered all legal charges against Nkongho Agbor, Nfontem and Ayah Paul Abine be dropped.

There have been acute upheavals in the English speaking regions of Cameroon which orchestrated the shut down of schools and courtrooms. The root cause of the problem stemmed from marginalisation and language differences.

The two anglophone regions of Cameroon have been calling for the release of these leaders who were abducted and imprisoned since January 2017. After several weeks to Court and adjournments, the Southern Cameroon consortium leaders have been released.

One of the reasons schools have been shut down in Southern Cameroons is because the people have been calling for the release of their leaders who were arrested. It should also be noted that this is back-to-school period and the beginning of a new academic year.

It’s in the government’s interest to see that students go back to school, and the abolishment of ghost towns. Probably the reason why these move has been made.

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