AGRO-HUB Launches Cooperative to Upscale Cassava Production and Marketing

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Wednesday the 22nd to Thursday 23rd of November 2017, was a remarkable day for the local farmers in Kotto Eshimbi, kotto Up, Muyuka, and Malende respectively. They were thrilled and motivated by the entire Agro-Hub team who paid a field visit.

In a bid to upscale cassava output, the Agro-Hub team took to these villages and had a great time sensitizing local farmers on the benefits of joining Agro-Hub Cooperative.

Agro-Hub Cooperative is a solution-oriented initiative of Agro-Hub Company that is geared towards educating farmers on appropriate productive methods of sustainable cassava production.

This cooperative also trains local farmers on some financial aspects such as bookkeeping and financial management to enable them to track profitability.

Marketing of Cassava is a call for concern as farmers are often times faced with the challenge of allocating sustainable markets for their produce.

The cooperative therefore comes in, in this regard to assist these farmers to gain better access to markets and advise them on current market trends.

In this regard, the trip to kotto Eshimbi, Kotto Up, Muyuka, and Malende respectively was a success. The local farmers, though skeptical about this initiative, due to their past experiences with some other cooperatives, however, embraced the idea.


“you have come with a brilliant initiative, but how sure are we to believe if you people will not act like other cooperatives who come and take our money and disappear?” said Pa Akam Michel of Kotto Up, a cassava farmer.

To solve the problem raised above, the Agro-Hub Team elaborated on how the cooperative shall unfold. Agro-Hub Cooperative shall establish a board in each locality which will be run by these farmers, where they shall coordinate the programs as designed by the cooperative. Agro-Hub shall supervise and make sure the operations go as planned.

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