K Major ft Skidi Boy ”Akoh ki saah” | Watch on Bequadi

Akoh Ki Saah

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K town based street rapper K- Major teams up with Skidi Boy in another killer hit ”Akoh ki saah”.

In this piece, K Major exploits his roots and culture by singing in the Bamileke mother tongue. Akoh ki saah means what’s happening in the Bamileke mother tongue.

K Major is one of Cameroon’s uprising artists. He has a deep love for his culture than any other. From his outfits to his brand you will notice an iota of the grass field culture. ”My culture is my root. It’s high time Africans promote and sell their culture” he tells us.

Whereas Skidi Boy is a powerhouse, a self-made raper. He is an enviable gentleman who coins his craft with daily realities.

Skidi Boy

These two rappers paint a story of a young man who spends money lavishly impressing girls. A time came when the money disappeared into thin air. He became broke to the point of selling his cars just to keep standards.

Indeed a beautiful piece from these two uprising artists. The video was produced and directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens

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