Cameroonian Photographer Alain Ngann Featured on CNN African Voices

Alain Ngann
Alain Ngann

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Alain Ngann’s groundbreaking photography has caught the world’s attention. The man behind the camera lens was recently featured on CNN African Voices; where he talked about his passion, perfection and journey into photography.

African Voices highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.

Alain Ngann is one of the few pushing the boundary in the photography industry in Cameroon and a role model to most young Cameroonian photographers. His photography is focused on fashion and social issues. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a pilot- how ambitious!.

”I wasn’t great at school but I had hope that I could do something well” he said. Alain spoke of his family background- the root of his creative mind. His father was an engineer and he was subsequently brought up in an environment that looks extraordinary.

To our dismay, photography came later in his career. He studied architecture in school and he thinks photography is linked to architecture in regards to design and esthetics.

His journey into photography all started when he founded his advertising firm called Unknown AD. Henceforth, his love for photography developed and burgeoned.

Alain Ngann made some peculiar statements which we feel should be noted by us all, and it should sink right deep into us to harness and change the way we look at certain issues:

1. There are a lot of values that have been lost, which is sad. We are people of Bantu we should keep our heritage and not mimic the west.

2. We kill peoples’ dreams sometimes by telling them they can’t. There are so many talents in so many areas.  These extraordinary talents are like diamonds in the dust which we need to take the time to polish for them to become treasures, he further stated


3. School is great, but there are many other lucrative areas to be exploited with such talents. We should motivate, give confidence and push those taking bold steps to make something out of their creativity.

His interview was quite a remarkable one and a must watch for everyone. Follow the link below to watch the entire interview.