Anthobex: How Young Africans Raise Funds to Support Local Orphanages

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One Heart initiative by Chef Ali and Anthobex International brought together a myriad of supporters on the 10th of November at Bunduma.

These parties abandoned their busy schedules on a fateful Friday. However, just to support and partake in the charity car wash campaign.

In a bid to raise funds to support local orphanages these parties embarked on a charity car wash campaign at Bunduma to be precise.

LOVE is greater. Washing cars at the car wash to raise funds was what these folks collectively embarked on. Under the rain, under the sun it was absolutely fun and seamless as many hands made the job even lighter.

At the end of this event, an encouraging sum of money was raised and was later handed over to the Royalty project. The Royalty project further invested the money into the lives of some orphans who are currently undergoing vocational training.