Niki Heat Model Audrey Monkam Shares 5 Tips for a Summer Beach Body.

Audrey Monkam

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Audrey Monkam of  Niki Heat Model management shares 5 tips for a summer body.The Cameroonian top model is known for her outstanding features. In her most recent photos, her glowing and well-toned bikini body is giving us so much beach vibes.

”My contemporary bikini inspired pictures are aimed to pass a dire message to how women think about their bodies. Every woman needs to always feel comfortable in her body. Know your body type and you’d know what kind of bikini to wear. You have a big tummy you could a wear one piece” Audrey tells us in a soft tone.

Audrey Monkam

Audrey is #bodygoals and since we always have our ladies in mind, we didn’t mind asking for some tips from our Miss Beach 2017.

Never mind it’s nothing we all can’t cope with:


First and foremost every woman should take sports seriously. Exercise helps you keep fit and makes you look younger. Ladies, you know we all invest much time on our hair. We should give some preference to sports as well. Just a lil bit of skips, squats, jogging crunches plank and yoga won’t hurt.

Eating Fruits

Eat fruits on an empty stomach. It will play a major role in detoxifying your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and it also prevents aging.

Audrey Monkam

Drinking Enough Water

Drinking lots of water a day helps you prevent dehydration and it also makes your skin glow.

Medical Checkups

Always try to get medical checkups every 3 months and no matter how small a pain or abnormality you feel, do well to see a doctor you never know what it could be.

Audrey Monkam

Wearing Makeup

Wear minimal makeup most of the time, and never sleep in makeup. Always cleanse your face before bedtime.

Lastly sleep well, and keep a beautiful smile all the time.

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