7 Things Ladies Need to know about Bah’ Ndong. #4 is Heartbreaking

Bah’ Ndong
7 Things Ladies Need to know about Bah’ Ndong. #4 is Heartbreaking

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Hey ladies, today we present to you Kamer’s conscientious rap artist Bah’ Ndong. After the release of his most anticipated video titled “Gneh Gneh Gneh”, we thought it wise to dig deeper just for you ladies.

Before exposing some crucial facts about Bah’ Ndong, let’s squeeze some time to talk about his “Gneh Gneh Gneh” video. “Gneh Gneh Gneh” is an extraordinary piece.

Actually, the music is composed of Warrior Beats from the core of Africa, as you can tell, produced by the awesome Phillbillbeatz. The Bikutsi trap video stars a beautiful face – Laura Onyama – Cameroon’s double award-winning actress.

Bah’ Ndong is one of those Cameroonian artists who are keeping it so real there in the diaspora. He lives in ‘Germany, but he has still got so much love for the music industry in Cameroon that he went from being a rock rapper and recycled himself into the new Kamer musical trend.

Feel the juice below:

BQ: When did you fall in love with music?

BN: Music love is from birth. As early as 2 years, old, I was already dancing and singing. My earliest raps are from age 4 as a kid growing up in Yaoundé and listening to all these musical influences brought back home by my dad and my older siblings.

BQ: What did you study?

BN: I studied English Literature at the University of Buea and graduated with a BA. I went for further studies in Belgium but did not finish my Masters in Management, and instead branched full scale into music. But before university, I had attended Catholic Primary School in Mvogada, Yaoundé, Secondary School in St. Bede’s Ashingkom, then High School at St. Augustine Kumbo and Lycée Bilingue Yaoundé. I will never forget my roots.

BQ: Music – the only thing you do?

BN: I made Music my life and profession, but occasionally you can find me conscientiously giving others tips – be it in business, or management of personal relationships – all based on my own personal experience.

BQ: Which Kamer celeb are you crushing on?

BN: My crush on any Kamer artists is strictly professional. I am attracted to the way they all display their art. Be it Daphne or Blanche Bailly, Montess or Mihney, all I see and hear is their art. And they’re all super queens.

BQ: When do you intend dropping your album?

BN: The album is due sometime before summer. The songs are ready and we’re just putting finishing touches on the promo plan. We want m fans to be involved in setting a release date. Stay tuned!

BQ: Who is that artist you will love to do a collabo with?

BN: Would love to collaborate with any pioneers and legends, especially the trendsetters. I am open to learn and to share what I’ve got. I also write songs that would be awesome if performed with or by artists like Tzy Panchak, Daphne, Mani Bela, Locko, Tenor, and so on. So as I make my inroads within Camer and the rest of Africa, u will see more. By the way, my album will feature at least 6 collabos.

BQ: What do you admire in women?

BN: I admire the way women make men understand them when they can’t find the words to express a particular feeling. Their genuine cunning attitude to show love and admiration for what they like…

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