Best Dressed at the Cameroon Fashion Awards 2018

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The Cameroon Fashion Awards 2018 went down on Friday, February 9th, 2018.
The theme of the event was “African inspired” and of course most of the celebrities came in their best. But well, not all could make it on the list.

Truth be told, Syndy Emade really raised the bars high with a Man for the Weekend. We also noticed Jeff Epule and Nchifor Valery all in a Visco Ngenge costume.  Everyone is putting more effort into their red carpet events. With this, Cameroonian celebs/entertainers, are also paying more attention to how they appear on the red carpet.

There has been so much improvement over the past years. We are so loving this change and can’t wait for bigger things. Here are our top picks for the #CFA2018 red carpet fab.

Stephnie Tum at the Cameroon Fashion Awards 2018 #redcarpetmoments


Jeffery Epule confidently in a Visco Ngenge AGBADA,

Nchifor Valery has got an outstanding personality proudly in a Visco Ngene ceremonial suit

Divine Polyvalent one of Cameroon’s leading brand influencer