Better Breed Cameroon Presents Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

Better Breed Cameroon Presents Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest
Better Breed Cameroon Presents Winners of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

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Better Breed Cameroon has finally announced the winners of this year’s Sama Randy Youth Write Contest. After several weeks of reading, grading and screening for plagiarism, the Better Breed Cameroon team and its panel of seasoned judges have released the top three winners of this year’s prizes, plus one surprise honorarium (a prize which wasn’t initially considered during the publication of the contest).

The information was disclosed through a Press Release on Better Breed Cameroon’s website on March 10, 2018.

It took several weeks of deliberations among Mr Fonsho Collins, Ms Helen Nde and Mr Mbutoh Divine as judges to settle on the best essay. According to the organizers of the contest, Njie Martha Eyole, a final-year student in the University of Buea’s Department of Bilingual Letters is the First-Prize Winner of this year’s competition. In this light, Martha Eyole shall be receiving the sum of FCFA 100.000 in cash, plus a job opportunity with Makonjo Media.

Meanwhile, 34-year-old Anita Ngwe Chofor who has returned to school after several years to pursue a Higher National Diploma (HND) program in Marketing at ISEM-IBCG, Douala won the Second-Prize. As such, she will be receiving a FCFA 50.000 cash prize from Better Breed Cameroon.

In the third place, Brenda Ndome Haddison, a third-year student at the Institute of Management Information and Technology, Douala, will receive FCFA 25.000 as Third-Prize winner of the 2018 Sama Randy Youth Write Contest.


Offering the surprise prize

Considering how tight the competition was, Better Breed Cameroon will be offering a surprise honorarium of FCFA 15.000 to the 4th runner-up, 19-year-old Ambomatei Miranda who is a student enrolled at the University of Bameda’s DIPES I program of Higher Teachers’ Training College.

The Better Breed Cameroon team, therefore, congratulates this year’s winners who will be receiving their awards at a ceremony scheduled to take place at Makonjo Media office on March 16, 2018. The Prize-Winning essay will also be published on Better Breed’s website for public appreciation.


About the SRYWC and its organizers

The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest (SRYWC) is an annual essay writing competition organized by the youth-led and youth-focused philanthropic organization, Better Breed Cameroon. Named in memory of pioneer Better Breed Cameroon member Sama Randy, this competition seeks to encourage youth engagement in national discourses.

In the manner of an annual routine, Better Breed in collaboration with Makonjo Media, decided to launch the 4th edition of the SRYWC to reward outstanding writers.

Makonjo Media is a Silicon Mountain-based marketing and growth technology firm with processes, tools, and techniques needed to automate and scale customer growth & revenues of businesses in Africa. Known for its expertise in leveraging ICTs to grow businesses, Makonjo Media offers services that range from Web Design, App Development, Digital Advertising, Corporate ICT Training, Online PR and Website Content Writing/Translation Services.

As a strong supporter of millennial talent, the Silicon Mountain IT firm was happy to support the 2018 SRYWC by covering the first prize worth FCFA 100.000, as well as offering the grand winner a job opportunity with Makonjo Media.

This year’s competition challenged participants to ponder and constructively contribute to the discourse on socio-economic and political issues of Cameroon. Contesters were allowed to write and submit essays of any style and various themes, given that they fall within the 1000 to 1500-word limit and suitably ending with the statement, ‘This is what Cameroon needs now.’ ”

Bequadi says, Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s contest.