3 Things to Be Aware of When Visiting Buea


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Welcome to  Buea ”the land of legendary hospitality”. Cameroon’s cleanest city, with everything but a beach.

Buea has a convivial climate that accommodates different lifestyles including studies. This is obviously giving the number of schools in this small but vibrant city.

Moreover, the most vibrant technology ecosystem in Cameroon. You should have heard about Silicon mountain. It’s home to several startups like Njorku, Skylabase, Makonjo media, and a whole lot of others.

Silicon Mountain techies at ACTIV SPACES Buea

This city that lies at the foot of great Mt Cameroon is gradually becoming a melting pot of culture.

However, if you’re visiting Buea here are three things to be aware of.

Beautiful Girls ”Slay Queens”
A student area like Molyko will obviously have a bevvy of beautiful girls. Beautiful girls in different shapes and sizes. Buea is literally like Los Angeles.

Bryana Leslie the artist

If you are one who always pips behind to have an extra look of every cute lass then be ready to collapse in Buea. Whatever the case, just be on the safe side. Buea girls are too smart.

Bryana Leslie the artist

Molyko, in general, is like a red carpet. You gotta slay every single day. Keep enough money if you love beautiful girls.

Fufu and Eru
There is a beautiful restaurant at every spot in Buea. Fufu and eru has always been one of the most consumed meals. It’s loved by both students and non-students.

However, delicacies at the famous Jamrock restaurant will make you fall in love with Buea. With a thousand francs, you will enjoy a reasonable plate of fufu and eru with a lot of obstacles in it. By obstacles I mean a lot of canda “beef skin”, beef itself and dry fish.

Moreover, there are other restaurants like IYA, Obama restaurant, Twist, Oxford restaurant and many more. You can enjoy good food in any of the above.

Papa Promo’ s voice.
Just imagine you stepping into a city for the first time and keep on hearing this voice publicizing and promoting things everywhere you go.

Here in Buea, we have become used to papa promo’s voice and his publicity van. Papa promo is a publicist.

He calls himself the boss of communication and publicity. He is paid to make vocal publicity using his voice and speakers attached to his car.

The Buea community is already acclimatized with the hell of noise he makes daily in his routine of promoting peoples businesses.

Hey, besides the above 3 things I mentioned, Buea is a beautiful place for beautiful people like you.  Welcome to the legendary hospitality.