Cameroon Fashion Week 2018; 3 Things that Went Wrong

Cameroon Fashion Week

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The third edition of Cameroon Fashion Week was quite a disappointment. With resourceful partners like Niki Heat MakeUp, CaniTV and African Fashion TV and Biz Vogue Mag for media coverage; we expected more.

Cameroon Fashion Week tagged ”Masquerade” was slated for May 25th, 26th and 27th respectively at Hotel Prince De Galles Douala. Its runway welcomed a plethora of interesting African inspired designs, and fragrances were displayed.

However, the event failed woefully. A fashion event which claimed to be of a certain calibre should have exhibited appropriate glamour and class.

The highly anticipated fashion event was poorly presented and the organisation was terrible. It received a huge criticism from people both online and offline.

It takes a lot to organise a show. People need to put in more work into building their craft. The entire show was a fiasco.

A platform designed to Promote, Showcase Value, Fashion Heritage and Culture of Cameroon shouldn’t be a hot mess. Its concept was poorly executed.

Cameroon’s fast-evolving fashion industry requires acute creativity and innovation. Other reputable Cameroonian fashion events such as Cameroon Fashion Awards and FIAFA should serve as good references.

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