Listen to “Dada Boii” by New Rap Queen Chantal Travolta

Chantal Travolta
Chantal Travolta

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She calls herself the Boss Lady. She makes a debut entry into the 237 showbiz scene unapologetically. Chantal Travolta is out here to top the charts. But not necessarily with her most recent debut song ‘’Dada Boii’’.

Chantal like many others started singing at 9. Fortunately, from a music family. Elder cousin Clinton Tebo (sound engineer and music producer) had her under mentorship. So fortunate for the Boss Lady.

Apart from Dada Boi, Chantal has featured on hit songs like “we don’t care” by Clinton Tebo and” believe” by Jeff J respectively.

Chantal Travolta

“It’s a Friday night… I went to the club with friends and met this drop-dead gorgeous guy in dada (dreadlocks). I could not resist his cute looks. All that I could console myself with was getting his attention. I wanted him so badly. lol.” she explains her inspiration behind the song.

Rumors on social media have it that she is fastly becoming the better version of Askia. Listen to ”Dada Boii” and comment what you think about Chantal. What do you think about her rap style?

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