Digital Renter Launches Campaign To Help Students Make Up To FCFA 30.000

Digital renter launches a new campaign

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With a goal to bring consistency and order in the accommodation sector, Digital Renter has launched a campaign for students who wish to rent their rooms to submit their requests on Digital Renter’s platform. This is in a bid provide accommodation to markers of the 2018 Cameroon Government Certificate of Examination (GCE).

Digital Renter is known for its goal to provide accommodation with less stressful procedures. It does this just by providing houses for rent and their locations on its platform.

The platform is now providing opportunities for students to advertise their rooms for GCE markers who need temporary and comfortable accommodation. To achieve this, Digital Renter will be working with students as well as teachers.

According to Martin Fongoh founder of Digital Renter, GCE markers for the past years sent to different towns to mark, usually, face accommodation problems. For markers to be able to get furnished rooms for their brief stay, they are often forced to spend between FCFA 5,000 to FCFA 30, 000. This is usually very expensive considering the short period of time they have to stay.

These markers often have between one to three weeks out of their main locations depending on the subjects they mark. While others have family houses to lodge in, others really find it difficult to accommodate themselves during this short period.

Students on the other hand, often rent out their rooms during this marking period so as to make a few francs. But because they never do this orderly, they usually face problems such as theft, rape, impersonification and other unpleasant challenges.

In order to provide solutions to these problems, Digital Renter decided to make things easy and beneficial for everyone. While markers will have comfortable rooms to stay, students will have their financial gain void of worries.

However, to achieve this, students will have to submit their rooms for listing on Digital Renter’s platform. The rooms will have exposure and students will be able to verify the persons who wish to rent their rooms for the short period. Meanwhile, teachers/markers will have a variety of comfortable choices with different conditions to choose from.

Do you wish to rent your room?

For those who wish to rent out their rooms, the procedure is simple:

  • Call or WhatsApp the number 679-574-561 to indicate your interest in the campaign
  • Digital Renter’s agent will schedule an appointment with you visit your property for inspection
  • A Digital Renter agent takes pictures of your room and other information and uploads them on the platform
  • Your room is now visible to more than 300 teachers.

Your room is now available on Digital Renter

  • Just visit the website
  • Click on the promotion banner
  • View list of rooms and have the option to filter by price
  • Once you see the room you are interested in, you can now pay for the length of period you intend to stay
  • Get to Digital Renter for inquiries via call/WhatsApp or chat with an agent directly on the platform via live chat
  • Once Digital Renter receives your request, you have to provide some basic verification document to validate the information you provided online.

Digital Renter is obviously bringing more surprises for house hunters in Buea, and Cameroon as a whole.

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