Digital Renter Makes Major Upgrade To Its Interface: “Design for Humans”

Screenshot of digital renter platform

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In an effort to ease navigation and provide easy access to property listings, landlord and caretaker information on its platform, Digital Renter has launched a new user interface termed, “Design for Humans.” The startup launched this new interface on May 15, 2018.

Digital Renter is Silicon Mountain’s first online real estate marketplace was launched in 2017. It aimed at reducing the stress involved in the search for vacant houses and land by connecting property owners/managers with potential tenants/buyers. 

With the new UI/UX modification, the startup aims to enhance the look and feel of the Digital Renter platform.

Digital Renter UI/UX design
New UI design offers users more flexibility in navigation and property access

Besides providing more flexibility in navigation and easy access to a property, this new interface now enables users to obtain landlord and caretaker information directly from the platform. What’s more, it offers map navigations to property locations, making it easy for users to locate property themselves.

Crossing the threshold

According to Fongoh Martin, founder of Digital Renter, achieving such a feat has not been without plagues.

Fongoh Martin Tayong: Founder and CEO of Digital Renter
Fongoh Martin Tayong: Founder and CEO of Digital Renter

“In a community where a house numbering system still seems far-fetched, we were bound to encounter an enormous challenge in this direction.

‘The absence of such a system coupled with the lukewarm attitude of the population to accept technological innovations, as well as the difficulty in using the already existing real estate web platforms, was a real barrier for the team.”

Nevertheless, thanks to the reviews and observations the platform made in the last months, the Digital Renter team with help from its incubator ActivSpaces, went back to the drawing board. Their aim was to provide a working solution to these problems.

The team has been working for the past seven months to solve these problems. It has, so far, been able to scan through the town of Buea and provide information on over 120 vacancies. The platform has also helped over 100 persons in finding their dream homes.

Modifications on the user interface for Digital Renter

Major upgrades to the platform’s interface include a better structuring of the entire website to provide:

  • Faster, lighter and more dynamic loading of images to enable customers with low Internet connectivity to have a lightning speed experience.
  • A deeper search feature to enable users to search by location, house type, bedrooms, sale/rent, price range, purpose, etc.
  • More enhancements on search engines to provide better hits.

Meanwhile, with the help of a complete profile (pictures, description of properties), it is now possible to get an owner’s or manager’s phone number directly from the platform. Plus, the ability to get map directions to the location of a property, as well as, get a tour guide to the property for those who are not familiar with an area’s terrain.

With this new interface, no one is left behind. Property managers or owners can upload and advertise their property on the platform. They simply have to provide basic property information such as the property type, location, price, pictures and contact information.

Digital Renter Makes Major Upgrade To Its Interface: “Design for Humans”
Enhanced search feature facilitates user navigation

Averagely, this process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. To upload and advertise a property (house/land) for rent or sale, visit the link,

How it all started

In 2017, Silicon Mountain software developer, Fongoh Martin noticed a couple of problems many workers and students around Buea faced. 

First, he noticed that thousands of workers are transferred yearly to new locations. These workers usually had to search for houses to rent.  

Then, he realized that newly admitted students into universities and professional higher institutions in Buea needed to search for hostels that will suit their needs. 

However, the search in most cases is usually a tough one. Besides, house seekers are either usually not satisfied with the houses and/or hostels they found or their locations. House seekers didn’t face these problems alone, individuals in search of lands to rent or buy had the same worries. This is due to the presence of inadequate information on the existence of vacant property and real estate. 

Martin had shoved off to take a shot at finding the perfect solution to this problem. For the first months, Martin solo sailed for this solution–which, at the time, really meant alone. Then, came a team of engineers and marketers who joined him on his once lonely journey.

His search for a solution eventually paid off in the late fall of August 2017. He had successfully built an online platform to connect property owners/managers with potential tenants/buyers. He called it, Digital Renter.

Martin had created a platform where house seekers and real estate agents could search for, and easily get affordable properties.

As the country’s first online marketplace for house seekers and Silicon Mountain’s first real estate management platform, Digital Renter has a bright future as it plans to get more vacancies on their platform to help provide better information on accommodation.

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