Discover Yunick Pizzaz, Best Pizza in Cameroon

Yunick Pizzaz best pizza join in Cameroon
Yunick Pizzaz best pizza join in Cameroon

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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. Recently, I fell in love with pizza while eating it for the first time at Yunick Pizzaz Buea.

Made Passion, Eat with Pride

There was nothing better than the pizza at Pizzaz’. The base was the perfect combination of light inside and crunchy on the bottom. The toppings were fresh and fragrant. I’m not a foodie like my writer friend Howard who reviews and critiques delicacies. But I’m in love with pizza.

Yunick Pizzaz best pizza joint in Cameroon


Yunick Pizzaz is that new chilling spot where you can sit over a plate of delicious pizza with a glass of chilled natural juice. Yunick Pizzaz Buea opened its doors on January 11, 2019. Its Location at Dchucks Hotel Molyko Buea makes it accessible to all.


Super-fast cooking, fresh, and best-tasting pizza in Cameroon, Yunick Pizzaz also offers various toppings for pizza ‒ vegetarian, beef, chicken, pork, and snails for special orders for birthdays, anniversaries, and come together.

eat tasty pizza in Cameroon
A satisfied customer having a wonderful time


In your first visit to this joint, you will come to appreciate the perfect artwork combined with great lightings which are perfect for Snapchat videos and pictures, which all blend in well with a cool African classical music.

best pizza joint in cameroon
Great setting for meetups, hangouts, birthday parties and more


Specializing in dine in, take-away, and delivery (home, office, and everywhere) services, the joint is a great spot for meet-ups and rendezvous.


I’m excited to see young Cameroonians venture into the waters of entrepreneurship in a troubled region like the Southwest.

Top cameron pizza joint
Just a call, you will have it delivered at your doorstep


Growing up, the kitchen was always Yunick’s favorite place and cooking, his hobby. But it was only in his late 20s that the Ndu-Cameroonian native developed a special knack for pizza while residing in Texas, U.S.A. While his love for the pizza delicacy grew stronger by the day, Yunick, however, lacked the skills to prepare pizza. Good enough, his brother was really good at it. So, he quickly picked up with a few lessons and this love for pizza eventually materialized into a passion for the delicacy.

leading Cameroon Pizza joint
Media Personality Joan Ngomba enjoying Pizza space

After a keen analysis and market research, Yuniwoh Nicolas Yunick noticed that Buea the fastest growing city in Cameroon will make a good market for the Italian delicacy. For one thing, until now, Buea and the Southwest region as a whole did not have pizza. Yunicks, therefore, decided to set up a pizza joint beginning with Buea to cater for the needs of pizza lovers.


His biggest challenge, however, has been to set up Yunick Pizzaz right in the heart of the Anglophone crisis.

Pizza Cameroon
Yunick Pizzaz is home to young creatives, writters and entertainers.

“I had to set up this joint three months ago, but at that time, the crisis was at its peak. Even now, location wise, I had to take into consideration, the crisis. Because I know these days, it’s risky for your business to be located by the roadside, I decided to ‘hide’ Yunick Pizzaz,” Yunick says.


Despite this challenge, Yunick remained indifferent to the current predicament of the country and went ahead to establish the first and best pizza joint not only in Buea but in the Anglophone region as a whole.

pizza space


Indeed, it takes a ton of courage and determination to wave the risk and focus on establishing a business in such a crisis-ridden economy.

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