Mens Wear Stylist and Fashion Extremist Divine Polyvalant Releases New Men’s Style Guide.

Divine Polyvalant

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 In the video, he displays quite some luxurious outfits and puts together a few looks which you definitely want to see.Divine polyvalant is fast becoming one of Africa’s leading male fashion influencers and stylists.
He started off as a model. After gracing so many runways in Cameroon, he decided to brand himself and take his fashion craze to the next level.
“I have always had the love for wearing good clothes and shoes as a kid. My love for fashion dates back. As an influencer, I aim at inspiring others to look good and be happy with what they wear” he tells us.
If you know Divine Polyvalant you know he’s not the one to tone things down. In our own words, he’s a “fashion extremist”.
Fashion is meant for the bold hearted and Divine Polyvalant is one of those who believes in breaking fashion rules.
One of Divine’s most recent works was on X-Maleya’s music video ” Fianga”. It’s pretty obvious that someone else styled them. X-Maleya isn’t known for bright colours. They needed a change and it came at the right time, with the best person, Divine Polyvalant.
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