Epaphrate Minuifuong Revolutionizing Agriculture & Real Estate in Cameroon

Epaphrate Minuifuong Revolutionizing Agriculture & Real Estate in Cameroon
Epaphrate Minuifuong Revolutionizing Agriculture & Real Estate in Cameroon

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Epaphrate Minuifuong has proven to be one of Cameroon’s innovative and solution-oriented entrepreneurs. He is an ardent lover of technology. This young entrepreneur thinks out of the box and uses technology to solve basic problems in his community.

Never has there been a time more favourable to entrepreneurs than now. When Epaphrate Minuifuong started Bongalo Inc, everybody thought he was insane. He was obsessed with his passion to revolutionize agriculture and Real Estate in Cameroon.

In this respect, he saw an incredible opportunity in helping house hunters locate and rent houses of their choices from the comfort of their homes with the help of a house search ‘‘Bonglo App” he Founded.

Bongalo is a mobile application that makes the process of house searching, effortless in Cameroon. House searching is absolutely tiring and boring. But this app makes it fun for someone in search of a house. Sit in the comfort of your home, scroll through a variety of houses and make your choice based on pricing, location, type, accessibility, etc. Download Bongalo now

Epaphrate grew up in the North-West region of Cameroon where agriculture stands as a major source of livelihood to a majority. His keen attention to this domain helped him discover a lot. He discovered that one of the basic problems rural farmers have always faced was marketing their produce

Together with a stellar group of innovative minds, Epaphrate embarked on a mission to facilitate local farmers sell their products to customers worldwide by co-founding  eFarm.cm.

”eFarm.cm is a mobile and web platform powered by GericomGroup Co. Ltd. This innovative platform is solely for the buying and selling of agricultural products in Africa and the world” he said.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation couldn’t resist awarding him the prestigious title of a TEF entrepreneur class of 2017 when they saw that the raison d’être of this startup is to provide farmers, communities and agricultural dealers in Cameroon and Africa opportunities to market their farm products online and reach consumers around Cameroon, Africa and the World

eFarm.cm is not just phasing out the misconception that Agric products must be sold only to local and traditional markets which are limiting, but also promote agriculture in their efforts as they;

• Sensitize Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users

• Train Farmers, Agricultural Dealers and Users on e-commerce

• Help farmers and consumers list, buy and sell farm products over their platform

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