Fahrenheit Pictures- How Did I Start Smoking?

Fahrenheit pictures

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My love for fashion can’t be separated from my person. Knowing that I can express my fashion sense through photos, I’m always picture-ready. Fahrenheit Pictures always delivers hot.

Walking into my friend, Caleb Ngenge’s studio (uprising creative director
& founder of Kawara Diary), suited up and all, he immediately abandoned his keyboard, looked up at me and said: “This Nigga, you look like a drug lord.”

We all laughed. He then suggested that we take some pictures. I love taking pictures, as much as a kid loves his brand new PS4. What’s more? I trust Caleb’s creative mind.

Caleb Ngenge, Founder of Karawa Diary. Creative Director for Fahrenheit Pictures

Before I knew it, he started pulling chairs and displaying them to get his home studio ready. He got the lights all set, made me do poses, but as a model, I’m used to photographers and their wahala.lol.

“Nigga you need a cigar,” he told me smiling. This dude knows I don’t smoke, why a cigar?  But knowing how Cigar is usually aligned with class, I agreed. In the absence of a cigar, he got me a cigarette. And behold, the outcome was something else.

Caleb gave the first shot and looked at his camera as if he had just received an eviction notice from his landlord. He had this bug-eyed expression….he said Wow!!!!!, this shit is mind blowing have a look. It was mind-blowing indeed.

I think we can always appear chic and classy if we want to. To me, looking good is a lifestyle every man should strive for. Looking your best never hurt anyone. Also, there is something classic and artsy about black and white pictures.

As for my topless pictures, we ought to look as good without clothes as we do in them. Our bodies are art too. And remember, fashion is not for the faint-hearted. It is bold and expressive. I will keep doing photos till I grey. And then I’d do grey photos. lol


Fahrenheit pictures
pic by Fahrenheit Pictures

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