Photos: Fashionista Africa Unveils ”December Attitude” Collection

Fashionista Africa

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Fashionista Africa is one of Africa’s luxurious trending fashion brands founded by Patience Mfonfu Mofa. Established in 2013, this uprising brand has built a solid reputation and has acquired a huge customer base due to its astounding designs that always put broad smiles on customer’s faces.

Fashionista is a luxurious Afritude lifestyle brand for lovers of the African trend located at Ancienne Route opposite DK Hotel/Boulangerie Sawa.

This brand exudes ethnic beauty and sophistication in all spheres. However, this premium fashion brand is out to cater for the fashion needs of the modern day style conscious man and woman.

Fashionista outfits reflect a reference for exquisite quality, luxury and elegance with a signature that shows structure and femininity

Patience Mfonfu runs Fashionista Africa with much ease. As a creative designer, she believes that the African culture could also be celebrated through beautifully made outfits. Patience fell in love with colors as a child. She had always admired the rich diversified African culture.

After relocating to Cameroon from the USA and saw how the fashion scene has evolved, however, she decided to launch her brand.

With a core value of meeting customers’ expectations with new trends and designs, Fashionista, however, presents a novel collection themed December Attitude.

In huge consideration for the festive season, this new collection showcases closet staples and must have pieces. December Attitude entails a combination of beautiful African colours that express the African lifestyle. It has got an array of designs filled Ankara, crepe, silk, Bamileke and Bamenda prints.

Also, the collection features clean lines and modern silhouettes combine with a youthful vibe and the latest trend.

A big thumb ups to Ink Creators for such an excellent and contemporary photography; they were the geniuses behind the camera lens.

Their photo work incorporated print-cloth imagery to convey evocative messages about heritage, culture, displacement, and aspiration by revealing an narrative of history, asserting a revolutionary image of Africa moving forward.


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Models: Simon Nanga, Ashtar, Poka, Mario, Laurence

Telephone Number:+237) 695-479-995



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