FundandImpact to Skyrocket Fundraising in the African Startup Scene

FundandImpact to Skyrocket Fundraising in the African Startup Scene
FundandImpact to Skyrocket Fundraising in the African Startup Scene

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Lack of financial resources has always been an issue to Africa’s innovative minds. The startup scene absolutely relies on finance (FundandImpact) to skyrocket but unfortunately is not as easy as you think when finance is far fetched. the online crowdfunding platform, allows people to fundraise money online for their personal needs and events by sharing their event campaigns with friends, loved ones, family and the world allowing them to donate and support them from any part of the world

Ndamo Celestine Founder of FundandImpact & Afrobuk

”Every day people find themselves in need of support for their various projects across the world, feeling the need to be supported to achieve their goals” the founder of Afrobuk, Ndamo Celestine stated.

Notwithstanding, FundandImpact is here to give you and the world an opportunity to impact someone’s life each time you can. An opportunity to promote, share the dream and vision of young entrepreneurs to transform innovative and lucrative business ideas to scalable businesses.

FundandImpact goes beyond the wit to provide alternate ways for you to support, donate, and withdraw your money. This can be done by;

⦁ Bank transfers,

⦁ Checks,

⦁ Mobile Money

⦁ In Cash by partners of FundandImpact

How FundandImpact works

Signup on the platform to Create an account. Eventually, you shall meet a myriad of bodies that can support your project depending on how you pitch your idea to them. If you’ve  got a mastery of the business model canvas it’s gonna make things easier for you.

Kamga Simo Junio Co-founder of FundandImpact & Afrobuk

Remember a genuine and feasible project shall always get donors. When you receive donations and support for your project you’re obliged to show some gratitude to your donors.

To be amongst the first to launch a campaign, Register today and Share to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). Support the movement by “Impacting One Life Each Day”!.

In a bid to aid entrepreneurs and fund seekers in the process of receiving support and donations online, FundandImpact opens up all new ways to assist entrepreneurs and fund seekers in raising money to meet project goals.

Have you been in that position where you need support to travel for a scholarship, assist a sick friend/loved one, fund an orphanage project?

Fund Impact is a digital platform that strives to solve problems faced by young entrepreneurs due to lack of finances to realize projects. The platform virtually brings together voluntary contributions of money or other resources and those who have promising projects to be crowdfunded.

Founded by Ndamo Celestine Ndamo (Israel) and Kamga Simo Junio Silicon Mountain’s young vibrant engineers.