HauzofLenze’s New Collection Themed “The other side of me” is Something Else


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The world of fashion is very ruthless and unapologetic. Neither is it for the faint-hearted. We present you the A/ W, S/S 2018 Catalogue by HauzofLenze themed “The other side of me”.

HauzofLenze prides itself on giving the majority of people that comfort and voice they need in the Fashion world.

HauzofLenze is a Cameroonian Fashion Brand based in South Africa.It is founded by Brian Ndienze a fashion designer, and entrepreneur who uses creativity and excellence in every piece of his art to set new trends.

As the world of fashion evolves every minute, we find ourselves caught up, counting every gram and every calorie. We can’t deny the fact that fashion is a quite expressive form of art. It enables us to look on the outside the way we feel inside..so why put rules?

From Hauz Of Lenze’s most recent collection “The other side of me”, you can simply put together a piece that will add colour to your day or bring back some great memories.

Fashion is a lifestyle to some. It’s about wearing what makes you comfortable in a responsible and respectful way. This is absolutely what “The other side of me” brings to you. Not to talk about keeping your fashion senses active.

Furthermore, “The other side of me” expresses the stereotypes in mainstream Fashion. We are living in the 21st century where Fashion should be expressed in relation to how you feel..or your mood.

”The bold, glamorous and eye catchy pieces we created to carry a very strong and commanding character which speaks to all gender. A majority of the pieces are unisex created with same materials and technics.

We have been able to create these pieces that anyone can wear and not feel or have any negative affiliations” said Brian Ndienze founder of HauzOfLenze

”The perfectly stylish girlfriend and a BoyFriend that match is like a neat little bow that rounds off your outfit. So let’s all celebrate how we and different people dress. Our cultures and traditions are different but through Fashion, we are able to Feel this and be heard.

Putting your wardrobe in check for the next available trends. Are you ready?

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