How Nju Dima Ako is Helping African Youths Attain Financial Freedom

Nju Dima Ako

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He became his own boss at age 19, but not in the way you might think. He didn’t create an app to spit out money; didn’t launch a startup in a friend’s room; didn’t buy a low-performing firm.


For two years now, Nju Dima Ako has championed the YOB Campaign (Your Own Boss) with the aim of helping others attain financial freedom through network marketing, he is top one earner of Aim Global Cameroon 2018 out of the 17000+ partners, however, wasn’t a ride in the park for Dima.

Never despise humble beginnings.


Many years ago, when the 21-year-old Belarus-born Cameroonian Dima, started an entrepreneurship club in high school, he didn’t know he was building a career in entrepreneurship. A few years spent running the club, his love for being independent had swollen to the point where he could think of nothing else, but to become his own boss.


Two years ago at age 19, he launched the YOB (Your Own Boss) Campaign to help struggling Africans make as much as FCFA 10 Million within a year.

It doesn’t matter what season you find yourself in, Kumba is the pits. Dusty roofs, dusty walls, dusty drapes, and windows in the dry-baked town lined the streets in the dry season and there was hardly an escape from the powdered mud that settled on everything. And when it rained, the streets were so muddy that worms would surface to breathe. Yet, it was in Kumba that Dima grew up, kicking that mud off his shoes for as long as he can recall.


Growing up, Nju Dima has never loved being an employee. Instead, his greatest ambition has always been to build a dream and help others. But to build that dream, he knew he needed education. So, he moved to Buea and enrolled into a degree program at the University of Buea.

As a top-of-the-class student from the Cameroon College of Arts and Science (CCAS) Kumba, it wasn’t difficult for him to gain admission into the University of Buea. And he would have been part of the group of students to be called “graduates” had he not dropped out barely a month in the university.


For Dima, dropping out of school didn’t mean dropping out of his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He knew he needed to find his footing again, somehow.


“But how?” He asked.


After reading a lot of books from Robert Kiyosaki, he decided that network marketing was the answer. For the past two years, his passion to help others attain financial freedom has continued to soar.


Could network marketing be the answer to youth unemployment?

As a school dropout, “I’ll advise you start up something. It’s true network marketing isn’t as easy as it seems when we attend seminars and it might not be the end, but it’s a means to an end.”

Dima educating Cameroonian youth on the benefits of network marketing

Because Dima was just a student, he sacrificed money for his rents and part of his school fees to join network marketing, which according to him, is “more of a people helping people system where we get to share wonderful ideas and get paid at the end as we keep sharing what we have. My mission is to help you raise a capital of FCFA 10 Million in one year.”


At the time, he had to crash at a friend’s place. He knew it was inconvenient and crazy ”but sometimes, you need to bare the pain especially if it’s for a gain at the end.”


According to Dima, while the network marketing industry has the potential to help you build enough finances for your projects, it also has the capacity to help in your personal growth “because if you succeed in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing such as network marketing), the skill will help you succeed in any business you venture into.”


Though it was challenging to venture into network marketing at the age of 19, most especially because as a teen, no one will really believe you because you are still young, Dima continued to believe that he had the right system to help not just him, but others attain financial freedom.


But many still consider it a scam

As recent studies have shown, everyone who has no idea about the MLM industry, regard network marketing as a scam. But it’s nevertheless, a great opportunity for them as networking is better than not working.


“Think of the old scenario our parents have followed; working for 40 years to retire with a pension that can barely sustain them for 2 weeks. For me, focus on an MLM platform for 4-5 years will make you financially free for the rest of your life.”


Dima believes we now exist in an era where we need to do business with the thought of what legacy to leave behind. He also believes we need to start transferring networks to our generations, not jobs or certificates.


“Going to school and getting all the good grades will not guarantee you success. In fact, education in Africa isn’t the key to success anymore since most African governments have changed the locks.”


For Dima, being his own boss meant setting his own priorities. It meant autonomous income. It meant leading his career on his own terms. But he didn’t take a “leap of faith” into being a self-employed social entrepreneur. In fact, he didn’t leap at all. Instead, he took intentional steps that all but guaranteed his success.


He has since grown to become a force to reckon with in the network marketing industry in Cameroon and across Africa.

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