Defiant Internet Blackout in Southern Cameroons

Defiant Internet Blackout in Southern Cameroons
Defiant Internet Blackout in Southern Cameroons

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Five months ago there was total Internet Blackout in the northwest and southwest region of Cameroon. It was thanks to the condemnation of the international community and businesses alike that the defiant government of Cameroon reinstated the internet irrespective of the millions of dollars of loss in business transactions.

The MTN telephone company at a time said her hands were tied; that they had no choice. But, its trite knowledge that the right to communication whatever be their forms is an inalienable right proclaimed by the united nations human right chartered and the constitution of democratic countries.

Consequently, therefore, any voluntary or involuntary breach, reduction, limitation, the contentment of the internet bandwidth will be a breach of this right to communication and as such a defiance of the afore sighted authorities.

Two days ago, the MTN network in Cameroon sent messages of apologies to her clients because of the internet perturbations that the system had witnessed.

But it might interest you to know today 30th of September 2017 that, we the consumers are still witnessing the same problem hook line and sinker. Is this not a ploy once more by this so-called reputable communication company to sight with oppression, intimidation and repression? Your guess will be as good as ours.

How can you explain that consumers have difficulties to access common websites like facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Viber? When they lawfully have subscribed for such basic and reliable services?

We are sure they venerable, the venerated Madiba Nelson Mandella will weep in his tomb in seeing that a South African Company (that was ought to fight any system assimilated to apartheid) is instead defending it for the sake of unethical profit.

One thing that stands out clearly is that no oppressor or oppressive apparatus or organ will live forever. MTN is today no doubt a ”rogue company”.

Even when MTN wanted to compensate the people for the internet blackout, it did so at ungodly hours, that is internet and calls were free from 10 pm to 6 am when people were supposed to be sleeping.

Big multinational companies like the one above are supposed to emulate the example of Apple that denied granting access to the personal server of a client to the American government all in the name of protecting consumer privacy and the right to communication

We must, therefore, choose which side we are and just like the biblical people of Israel that were held in captivity we shall be liberated. In GOD we Trust.

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