Know More About Joan Ngomba as She Celebrates Another B-Day

Joan Ngomba

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It’s a special day for digital media leading queen Joan Ngomba of DcodedTv as she celebrates her B-Day with exquisite photos.
Joan Ngomba is a go-getter who is passionate about what she does and motivated by her achievements.
I know many of you would be dying to know some of her views on fashion and the entertainment industry in general.
It was on a cool evening over a leisurely dinner at IYA Buea over a chilled bottle of wine. I got the opportunity to chit chat with her a day before she took off for African Fashion Week Lagos.
As we drank and laughed, I had three questions in mind for Joan Ngomba
As a lover of fashion, whats the essence of fashion and style in the life of a woman?

There’s a huge difference between fashion and style. Fashion is expensive because you have to follow trends and all. But your style is you looking your best with the little you have. So, to me, every woman needs to find her style, unique to her. A style she can afford yet can rock like a star. Women need to own their style to be confident. To be elegant. To be influential.

That was enlightening and made me eager to know more.
As a trendsetter in your industry. What is your advice to entertainers?
The showbiz industry has been pampered for so long. Some entertainers careless on the opinion of fans or what happens to their brands. Some celebs are lost and need help getting back on track.
But, I’m glad that some media personalities are not afraid to correct the wrongs in the industry. Saying things as its supposed to be said and simply just doing their job! That’s why we do even more when we are called haters! Just for the growth of the industry.
If the media doesn’t speak or write, how will content get out? Who will be relevant? Who will listen to music or watch a movie? Media plays a very important role in entertainment globally. So Cameroon is no different.
We need more platforms, working together for the greater good of our country. No industry is built on positive comments, articles or reviews alone
Lastly, I posed a question about bloggers:
Upcoming bloggers, media personalities and presenters look up to you. How can they become outstanding like you?
 I believe in two simple things: telling myself the truth and knowing when to shut up. The secret to being the best is learning from the best always and being open-minded’
Wow!!!! I’m sure this will inspire someone out there. Once more Happy B-Day Joan. Keep on soaring high!!!!

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