Konga Has a New Boss. He’s a Former UAC Foods and Unilever Exec

Olusiji Ijogun is now the head of Konga

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The Zinox Group recently acquired Konga in a deal that shook the African e-commerce industry. Until recently, the Nigerian e-commerce firm, Konga has appointed an erstwhile corporate expert, Olusiji Ijogun as its new Chairman. Olusiji’s new mission is to steer Konga’s course towards a fresh start in dominating the Nigerian e-commerce market.

He replaces former owner of Konga, Mr. Sim Shagaya, who stepped down after Zinox bought over the company last month.

With over three decades of top-notch performance in finance and management, Mr. Ijogun appears to be the perfect man to propel Konga. This, he has consequently brought to bear on the fortunes of a number of thriving businesses across various sectors.

Olusiji Ijogun is the new man at the helm of Konga

Mr. Olusiji Ijogun graduated from the University of Lagos, from the faculty of Business Administration, in 1980. He has great experience spanning three decades in finance and management. Prior to his appointment, Olusiji held key positions in multinational companies including UAC Foods, Unilever, and Honeywell Group.

He was one of the first expatriates seconded to Egypt after Unilever’s acquisition of Parfico SAE to curtail Procter & Gamble’s aggression in the Middle East in 1993. He eventually became the Commercial Director of Lever Egypt with responsibility for accounting, supply chain and logistics management for a 40,000-ton business.

New beginning

He started his own business in consulting, construction, property development, and management in 2009. He is currently the CEO of Innodel Consulting and the Chairman of Ackmen Nigeria Limited.

Zinox had acquired Konga with the intention of helping the e-commerce platform, establish a strong footprint in Africa. Recent developments, however, suggest that Zinox might not be girded enough to realize this mission.

Konga recently announced its intention to shift to a prepay-only model, essentially putting a stop to Pay-on-Delivery (PoD). It was a decision that, however, formed part of an internal restructuring aimed at putting the firm ahead of the market.

While his appointment with Konga takes effect from April 1, 2018, Africa’s online retail community, however, expects to see how Olusiji takes Konga to a path of sound corporate governance and a greater share of the e-commerce market in Nigeria and beyond.

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