First Video Ever, Shot with a Note 5. La Chose Là By Big Game

La Chose Là

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The most anticipated Hip-Hop video is finally here! Cameroonian Afro Hip-Hop artist NsongmyTchoufack William A.K.A Big Game releases the official video for “La Chose Là” on YouTube.

“La Chose Là” is an Afro Hip-pop song produced by Dijay Karl and sung by Big Game in different languages such as France-Anglais, French and Pidgin English, on instrumentation.

It has proven to be a favourite for many in Cameroon and the Diaspora since it’s audio release in late January 2018, as its fusion of different genres of music, predominantly Hip-Hop and Afrobeat and lyrical fluidity produce a vibe that is unique and addictive!

Now the world will get to watch the visuals that go with the amazing lyrics that provide an in-depth analysis of some women and that celebrates Cameroonian woman from different parts of the country by using real-life assertions to explain and describe what intrigues him the most about them.

The video which was directed by Regis Talla shows a good representation of this.
Big Game’s music and lyrical style make him a force to reckon with as he continues to drop hot new tracks that represent life from a less privileged person’s point of view.

He is the man of the people and is here to stay. So let’s get this video out there far and wide globally and make it the video of the year!

Watch, share and enjoy the video. 
*La Chose Là is available on iTunes and Google Play*