Meet Laura Onyama | Corporate Lady Turned Screen Goddess

Laura Onyama
Meet Laura Onyama | Corporate Lady Turned Screen Goddess

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Laura Onyama is one of Cameroon’s quintessential women. The multiple award-winning actress kept her nose to the grinding stone and has achieved a remarkable feat in Cameroon’s movie industry.

Laura Onyama

The tenacious young actress was nominated for Ecran Noir 2016. Very few knew of her then. Those who did knew very little. She bagged home the award of best actress. Two years after, she is now one of the main juries of the festival.

Laura Onyama
Laura Onyama won Ecrans Noirs 2017 Best Actress for Kiss of Death

Laura joined the Cameroon film Industry in 2009. Her love for acting prompted her to attend every acting workshop she came across. Under the mentorship of Anurine Nwuenembom, Eka Christa, Mussing Derrick, Nkwah Kingsley, Ala Leo, Jeffery Epule, Billybob Ndive Lifongo, and Chando Daniel she was able to horn her craft to perfection.

Upon obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from the University of Buea, she worked with Orange Cameroun from 2012 to 2015.

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She decided to get into acting full time in 2015. Since taking that leap of faith she won multiple awards for her acting including her roles in the TV series “Rumble” and “Kiss of death”. Laura stunned judges with her performance in the movie ”Kiss of Death”, eventually winning the award for best actress in the 2017 Cameroon International Film Festival(CAMIFF).Best Actress in a lead Role Cameroon Academy African Film Award (CAAFA, UK).

She was Appointed Ambassador of Red Feather Awards 2017 and 2018. In November 2017, she was signed as actor and model in a Talent management company Barthsons Global Communications(BGC). Two months later, she was made Corporate Brand Ambassador of BGC.

In February 2018 she was a guest judge for the casting of the “Number One Girl” reality TV show. She also was a facilitator of the 2018 “237 model boot camp”. She is President of the Limbe Chapter of the National Actors Guild of Cameroon (NAGCAM) and an Auditor for the National Actors Guild of Cameroon. She is a face model and a writer.

A corporate lady who abandons her desk in pursuit of her acting dreams. Laura Onyama is Cameroon’s next Hollywood material.  Her story paints a perfect portrait of how passion propels us to our predefined destinies.

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