Sponsored: 10 Reasons why you should vote, Lesley Maureen for STUGA President

Lesley Maureen

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  Smart, beautiful and morally upright are few adjectives used to describe Diekem Djuisse Lesley Maureen. The 21-year-old of Bamilke ethnicity is a Senior student of the School of Business studying Accountancy at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, [CUIB].

Below are 10 reasons why a vote for Lesley is  VOTE for CHANGE

1.) A symbol for inspiration Understanding that women have been extremely underrepresented in political life and public administration, Lesley Maureen wants to inspire girls her age and below to follow their dreams and believe that they are just as good as the men in the domain of public service, irrespective of the institution they may find themselves in.

 2.)  Internship problems no more; The Catholic university has produced a handful of graduates who are highly placed in different companies and top-ranking organizations. Due to the challenges most students face in getting internship placements,  her team has come up with a database which will serve as a go-between the Alumni and the students in these companies. This is in order to facilitate internship placements for both students of the schools and colleges.

3.)Her communication skills are impeccable; messages transmitted by this lady are often passed across with love, humility and precision.

4.) The team is up to the task; EoC, is made up of the best minds the CUIB community has to offer, they are smart, willing to serve and respectfully protect the interest of the staff, students and school at large.

5.) Her social policies are second to none; Under her administration, talents in students will greatly be focused on. How to harness and be better versions of themselves will be key. ‘THE VOICE’ competition will be launched, and serving as a jury member will be an ex-student in the presence of Fullbert, a participant presently at ‘ THE VOICE AFRICA’

6.) Catholic University has been her greatest motivation; Lesley sees her beloved school as a family and not as an educational establishment. Her teachers, staff, faculty and friends serve as her biggest motivation to serve, as she is extremely proud to belong to such a distinguished institution.

7.) A vote for Lesley is a vote for fairness and democracy; she is a firm believer in democracy, is a keen listener., morally upright and always willing to learn. She plans to work with each and everyone which constitutes the Catholic University family. No one will be left behind.

8.) Academics will soar under her; there will a connection and link between the freshmen students of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, the colleges and the senior year students through a mentorship program. This is in a bid to bring out more creative minds from this outstanding establishment.

9.) As far as priorities go, making the Catholic University the best it can be is her goal. She intends to greater foster peace, hard work and cooperation within the establishment. This is for a healthy, wealthy and productive C.U.I.B.

10. She is a born professional servant leader: with a smile that can change the world, her passion is helping and putting smiles on people’s faces, voting for Lesley Maureen automatically guarantees happiness unlimited.

A vote for her is a vote for Transparency.

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