Checkout ”Night Life” Collection by Mareta West

Mareta West

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Mareta West is ready to spice your night looks with her novel collection ”Night Life”. Thinking of hanging out with friends at night may present this dilemma of what to wear and what not to wear. Yet, this is not the case with ”Night Life” Collection by Mareta West.
The ”Night Life” collection portrays an enormous sense of minimalism. It’s classy with a flair of touch, edgy and simple high fashion dresses for all ladies. A collection constituted of free wears makes life much easy as it takes lesser time to dress up with such.
Uprising model Tifuh already rocking this collection. Hey, ladies what are you waiting for?



Mareta West is a household name in fashion. This Cameroonian brand aims at producing edgy and simple high fashion dresses for all ladies. This Award-winning fashion brand has featured on international runways. They have styled top Cameroonian celebrities in the likes of Syndy Emade, Constance Ejuma, Sahndra Fondufe, Daphne, Laura Onyama, Itambi Delphine
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Pics by Tabi Zama