Margos Mode’s Pin Me Collection Born Out of Broken Love

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Oh! She wouldn’t mind. Her heart was made to be broken. What was once whole is shattered; where once was peace is emptiness, echoes of love she put her everything into.
The devastation of a broken relationship and men’s ubiquitous attitude of pining their girlfriends with promises of love to break their hearts inspired Liz to come forth with her novel collection, tagged Pin Me.

Margos Mode recently unveiled its Summer 2019 Collection tagged Pin Me. Pin Me collection tells the story of a broken-hearted girl. Love hurts, but creativity takes courage.

This collection was unveiled on December 14th at the Returnees event in Douala. It features exquisite and intricately tailored pieces.

”Pin Me promises made, promises broken. Its a collection based on the hopes of a promise that is only to be taken away. Inspired by the pinning of a woman by a man as a promise of love. Pin Me combines romance and heartache; the optimism of being pinned with the devastation of having your heart pierced,” Liz explains her latest collection.”

There are an authentic mix and harmony of masculinity and femininity which features tulles, lace, sheer, delicate hand beaded designs, tartan, and Ankara.

Margos’ collection draws its strength from the creator’s vision and personal story of falling in love, rising up from a nasty break up and dusting off to walk again. Infusing sexiness unto a woman’s broken heart is a key touch into finding self-love and inner power again ‒ something we all need each day.

The women’s collection features a white bodycon dress, with an edgy back view, and embellished designs on the arms. The tiny fishnet hat is a touch of bridal added to the collection for women who defy the norm. The beautiful paint splashed on the male model’s white African design tunic mixes familiarity with uniqueness to give African men a more chic look. It’s a timelessly elegant look for the gentleman who enjoys fashion and appreciates individuality and quality.

Every woman needs a little black dress, and this one is just perfect. The design at the front and blue ribbons at the arms is a clear indication that every woman can survive dark days. It means she can indeed handle breakups and lighten up the next day for other date nights.

Think of spicing your X-mass with graciously crafted outfits? A piece from Margos Mode’s Pin Me collection should not miss your list.

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