MYPURSAR Unveils the MYPURSAR Application to Enable Diasporans Recharge Airtime and Pay Bills in Cameroon

MYPURSAR Unveils the MYPURSAR Application to Enable Diasporans Recharge Airtime and Pay Bills in Cameroon

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MYPURSAR, a digital platform that links the 5 million Cameroonians in the diaspora with service providers back in Cameroon, has launched the MYPURSAR mobile application to enable Cameroonians in the diaspora to recharge airtime and pay the bills of their friends and family back home.

Cost of remittance to Sub-Saharan Africa is the highest in the world. Cameroonians remitted $300 million last year and $270 million in 2017 and paid roughly 10% in transaction fees. This does not include social/incidental costs associated with remittance like queuing up and transport across towns to find agents.

The MYPURSAR application is a central platform that brings accountability and transparency at a reduced cost for benefactors. By linking diasporans directly with service providers in the domains of utilities (electricity and water), communications (airtime, Internet, cable), healthcare and education, MYPURSAR, therefore, replaces the inefficient remittance process with a cost-effective solution.

MYPURSAR Unveils the MYPURSAR Application to Enable Diasporans Recharge Airtime and Pay Bills in Cameroon

According to Ngwa Vianney, Founder of MYPURSAR, “More airtime transfers reduces the burden of buying airtime and enable Cameroonians to have access to communication services all the time. The cost of 1GB of data in Cameroon is roughly 9% of the monthly minimum wage.

“Several new startups in Cameroon require users who have access to data. Since access is expensive, most users can’t afford. Truly, I believe this is the key reason adoption rates are low. For an economy that wants to grow in the digital age, access to data should be democratized.”

How the app works

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the user (sender) just needs to download the app and create an account. This account helps the user keep track of their expenditure and also, to schedule important transactions. From the app, the sender just needs to enter the recipient’s number, choose the amount, and the transaction is complete.

According to the founder, MYPURSAR charges no fees to send mobile top-ups. This enables the sender to use the amount saved in transaction fees to send to another loved one.

“Airtime is sent directly to the recipient’s phone. The application also sends confirmations for paid bills directly to the recipient’s phone via SMS. Transactions start at $1 which is about 500 XAF and can help someone out for a week with airtime. The app currently supports MTN and Orange Cameroon and we’re negotiating with other partners and service providers to see that it comes to fruition,” Ngwa said.

To increase adoption rates, the company uses a pull-based marketing strategy to inform those based in Cameroon to recommend the app to their friends and family abroad. Then it uses a push strategy to inform those in the diaspora to send airtime to Cameroon.

“We believe by complementing the offerings at the disposal of diasporans, a lot of weight can be taken off the shoulders of those in Cameroon. Hopefully, it can be used to help out those in the country who have suffered in the last few years due to the political turmoil,” he added.

With MYPURSAR, your bond is assured as the sender can, therefore, rest assured that no matter what happens, their friends and family have access to electricity, water, and communication.


MYPURSAR is an information technology company with a focus on Cameroon and digital finance. MYPURSAR, therefore, engineers simple tools that offer unparalleled ease on our platform to help bring people and businesses together.

We built our technology infrastructure on Google Cloud, using PCI compliant online payment technology backed by PayPal to guarantee your safety.

Started in 2017, the company is at the forefront of creating an end-to-end platform to enable the 5 million Cameroonians living in the diaspora to have full access to Cameroonian service providers in the domains of utilities, communication, health, and education. This will, therefore, permit them to remit money in the form of value to their friends and family living in Cameroon by directly connecting them with these service providers.

Download MYPURSAR from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store and empower your friends and family with mobile top-ups.


Twitter: @mypursar


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