”Youths are Not Leaders of Tomorrow, but Leaders of Today” Ngenge Caleb Karawa

Ngenge Caleb Karawa
''Youths are Not Leaders of Tomorrow, but Leaders of Today'' Ngenge Caleb Karawa

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Karawa Diary’s founder Ngenge Caleb Karawa made a bold statement on Twitter today. ”Youths are Not Leaders of Tomorrow, but Leaders of Today” he Twitted.

Ngenge Caleb Karawa is convinced that through talent, innovation, entrepreneurship and civic engagement African youths can change the old paradigm as they are gradually creating business ventures and gaining leadership positions.

Ngenge Caleb Karawa in an outdoor photoshoot session

”I don’t believe Youths are the leaders of tomorrow when they have the strength to Lead now. Don’t get it twisted, leadership doesn’t necessarily mean politics. My context of leadership means the ability to start, innovate and grow. By leadership, I mean African Youths can boost and skyrocket the private sector rather than just depending on the government for employment. This leadership, however, does not mean Youths cannot get involved in politics. Youths can also get more involved in Politics and run the political sphere” he says.

Ngenge Caleb Karawa training young Cameroonian on Digital Marketing.

Calebs is a self-taught Digital marketer, Photographer, Cinematographer, and Blogger. With a degree in Geology from the University of Buea, his thirst for creating a job for himself and others landed him into the waters of Digital Marketing.

In act of giving back to the community Caleb’s Digital Marketing startup has trained over 50 Digital Marketers in collaboration with Fahrenheit Pictures.

Ngenge Caleb training young Cameroonian on Dgital Marketing.

”I am intrigued by things which possess the ability to nurture talents, create sustainable solutions, build vibrant communities and expose beautiful arts” Ngenge Caleb Karawa.

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