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Bongalo is all about connectivity and making life stress-free and easy when it comes to getting accommodation.

It is most times, very difficult to get good accommodation especially if you are visiting an area for the first time that is the reason why the company introduced an app in 2017 that helps to connect landlords and house seekers to facilitate the home searching process.

I had a conversation with Nghombombong Minuifuong; Bongalo’s founder, some days back where I got to understand a lot about the mission, vision behind this great initiative.

Minuifuong is quite passionate about what he does, and he believes Bongalo Rwanda will make a huge difference in the Rwandan tourism sector with the different services it offers.

According to NGHOMBOMBONG MINUIFUONG, Rwanda is one of Africa’s top touristic destinations with a vibrant economy and lots of opportunities.

However, NGHOMBOMBONG MINUIFUONG realised that getting accommodation while on holiday or when relocating to Rwanda was still a problem to many and his decision to extend Bongalo to Rwanda is all about creating positive impact by getting holiday makers and people moving to Rwanda, their dream homes.


“Real estate is the “new gold” in Rwanda. Having stayed in Kigali for over two years, it’s easy to identify opportunities in a fast-growing economy, where you can build something as a starter and grow together.

Many people do not understand the slow process of starting in a potential market; you get to be the industry player someday if you stay.

Also, Bongalo has got the manpower and technology to add value to the
Rwandan real estate market”. Minuifuong tells us.

Minuifuong believes that the services Bongalo Rwanda offers will make an influence positively in Rwanda’s tourism and real estate sector, especially when it comes to real estate investment, property management, rentals, sales, and consultation thus the company provides:

 Rental facilities for a short stay (furnished apartments and rooms for visitors on a budget)

 Provision of homes on rent for individuals and families moving to Rwanda

 Sales of properties to investors looking to buy properties in Rwanda

 Property management(rent collection, maintenance, and more)

 Consultancy for prospective investors looking to rent or buy properties in Rwanda.

If you need a company that can manage your property, help you sell your property or give you great guidance when it comes to making good investment decisions in real estate, please get in touch with Bongalo Rwanda

Let us get your accommodation based on your specifications and make your vacation
or relocation smooth and stress-free.

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