Cameroon Fashion Brand Ngwefuni Changing the Narrative in Fashion

Cameroon Fashion Brand Ngwefuni Changing the Narrative in Fashion
Cameroon Fashion Brand Ngwefuni Changing the Narrative in Fashion

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Ngwefuni Max Igna is one of Africa’s quintessential fashion entrepreneurs changing the narrative in fashion, internationally.

The fashion guru who hails from the North West region of Cameroon has built a reputable fashion and lifestyle brand called Ngwefuni. The brand which clearly takes its name from his first name has its Base in the US.

Ngwefuni is an international fashion brand that represents style and quality since 2000. Creativity and responsibility are what this brand stands for. Qualities that have helped him break boundaries and build a reputable brand.

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Ngwefuni aspires to be one of Africa’s best casual fashion brands with an outstanding price-value proposition. The brand pays keen attention to detail, through its fabric choices, fitting and perfect quality.

Ngwefuni Max Igna founder of the Ngwefuni brand is well known as a distinguished gentleman of style. His flair for fashion dates back to his early days as a kid, back in his village ”Bafanji”.

“When I was 9 years old back in the village, there was this special admiration I had for elderly men who dressed so elegantly. When I grew older, I cherished every fashion magazine I found.

The internet wasn’t a thing at that time. Discovering brands like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein really helped shape me and ignite the dream to build a reputable fashion brand” Max tells us.

Max worked for Guinness Cameroon then later move to the Middle East to pursue his dream in the fashion industry.

He was trained in Dubai at Benhindi Enterprise where he garnered the experience to establish his brand “Ngwefuni”.

“Most of us abandon our dreams when difficulties and hardship sets in. For others, a well-paying job and great working condition is a silent dream killer.

At a certain point in life most people forget about their multi-million dollar ideas that could be transformed into sustainable ventures”, Ngwefuni Max Igna tells us.

Max looks forward to organising his most anticipated event slated for June second, 2018. The third edition of Ngwefuni fashion night. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

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