Niki Heat Says Black is Beautiful with Groundbreaking Photos

Niki Heat

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In a bid to celebrate the Beauty of Dark Skin Women, Niki Heat present to you these breathtaking pictures.

In celebrating the dark skin woman, they kept these pics nude so as to lay emphasis on the highlights with a little colour on the under eyelids to give it more life and make the eyes pop.

”It’s part of our mission to educate and sensitize our black girls to keep being black and love their melanin. This makeup shoot focuses on the natural beauty of dark girls. That’s why we chose a nude look meaning little use of loud colours” Nyah Wilson stated.

”We are in an era where so many young girls resort to skin bleaching. Most young lasses engage in skin bleaching without a second thought. They forget about the negative effect of skin Bleaching on their health. Love yourself the way you are” he went further.

What’s your opinion about these pics?

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