”Great Meeting with the Prime Minister of Senegal on Oil and Gas” NJ Ayuk

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The Centurion law group boss NJ Ayuk relents not his efforts and contribution in seeing that Africa fully exploits her oil and gas potentials.

Last month the itinerant leading energy lawyer shared pictures with President Edgar Lungu of Zambia. While in Zambia, he made emphasis on Africa’s oil and gas and the quest for prosperity.

On Thursday, 12 April 2018 he met with the Prime Minister of Senegal. ”Great meeting with the Prime Minister of Senegal on Oil and Gas. So much optimism with the Senegal Oil and Gas sector. #Senegal is strong and stable. It’s moving in the right direction with reforms to make Oil work for its people” he tells Bequadi.

The petroleum industry is one of the foundations of Africa’s growth and we believe it’s a force for positive change. We thrive to see that Africa uses its oil and gas resources to foster her development.