Cameron’s PSquare, Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto Release New Song ”For My Head”

Pinto Fresh
Cameron's PSquare. Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto Release New Song ''For My Head''

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Cameroonian South African based Afro Pop sensations Pinto Fresh and Petit Pinto of LHB Entertainment South Africa have dropped another masterpiece. A love song that appreciates women, titled ”For My Head”.

Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto

The song ”For My Head” is a dedication to one special girl.

The twin brothers use their novel song ”For My Head” to pass a sincere message to their loyal girlfriends respectively. ” The song is just us expressing our feelings towards our girlfriends. Just letting them know how we truly feel about them” they tell us.

Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto

Pinto Fresh and Petit Pinto are identical twin brothers who hail from the Northwest region of Cameroon. The identical twin brothers were born in Kumba. They both fell in love with music at a very tender age. Their move to South Africa some years back tremendously widened their musical horizons.

Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto

They were both doing music separately and only became a duo recently. They know they can achieve better as a duo rather than individually.

Pinto Fresh definitely knows how to sweet-talk women. Clearly noticed from his previous song “Die For You”.

Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto

The song was written by Pinto Fresh and produced by Mr Morf the boss of LHB Entertainment South Africa.

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