New Song; Review of Pray By Mr Leo

New Song; Review of Pray By Mr Leo
New Song; Review of Pray By Mr Leo

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Mr Leo is a genius of our music world who keeps on polishing and perfecting his art as time goes by. We were thrilled with the release of his premier album and this special song of his got our attention. Pray is one of Leo’s song that will stand the taste of time.

Lately, Leo has graced our airwaves with three videos of which two of these recent videos are conventional while pray makes a remarkable difference. There is something so peculiar about this pray song. It has got the vibes and the ability to pierce silence with gritty inflection.

Pray starts with a piano which is perfectly harmonised. To every lover of good music, Leo can almost do no wrong with that unique voice of his.

All in all, the premise behind pray is about the ongoing upheavals in the English speaking regions of Cameroon. However, what has been christened the Anglophone crisis has plunged the nation into a quagmire of confusion.

It’s been more than a year of political unrest and instability which was orchestrated by Anglophone teachers and lawyers. Mr Leo gets emotional about the killings and unjust arrest of his people.

Listening to the lyrics, Leo calls for divine Intervention for God to rescue his nation from the ongoing calamities. ”We just need to love one another, no need to match up the people”.

This is the very first time you could get Leo singing in his mother tongue ”lamso” We should join Leo to pray so that this message in pray could touch the hearts of this nation especially the armed forces.

The black and white visual is perfect. Leo gave an attitude that truly depicts how bad he feels about his people.  The song was produced by Blaise B, directed by Artnurin and phot by legendary Dr Nkeng Stephens.

In your humble opinion, what do you think about pray?

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