5 Lessons to be Learnt from the Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee

5 Lessons to be Learnt from the Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee
5 Lessons to be Learnt from the Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee

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Ward Zee focuses on sensitive societal issues that you and I have come across or otherwise, have been victimized. After watching this Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee for the first time, my expectations were met with great visuals, the storyline, storytelling and professionalism from the cast and crew.

The Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee is probably one of those Cameroonian movies that will inevitably grab multiple awards and also touch the lives of many in a positive manner.

Ward Zee movie premiere which was slated for Saturday, June 23rd at Mt Hotel Buea experienced a huge turnout. This psycho trailer movie had been amongst the most anticipated films this year.

Ward zee resonates with women who have experienced baby-theft or those whose babies get missing in the hospital. Some years back in the capital city of Yaounde, we heard of such a case where a newborn baby was stolen from her mum in the hospital.

These babies are sold to rich infertile couples. Also, babies that go to the wrong families simply because they were interchanged are sensitive issues, Ward Zee highlights.

After watching this movie directed by most sought-after female producer and actress Itambi Delphine, I took home these 5 lessons.


Page’s x-lover was still in love with her. Anurin Nwunembom stood by her and worked earnestly hard to figure a way to dig deep into the root cause of Paige’s predicaments. If not for love this would have never been the case. Love makes us cross boundaries.


At the end of the day, we all need concerned neighbors. Paige’s life was rescued not by a friend but a concerned neighbor. Being your neighbor’s keeper is paramount. Kate Adang (Damo Damaris) did not give up on Paige. Kate was so smart to figure out that her new neighbor was acting strangely. She drew closer, stood by her and played all the gymnastics she could to solve her neighbor’s problems.


After the loss of her husband and her missen baby was found with an unproductive couple who masterminded her predicaments, Paige forgave these same people who made her life miserable. Sometimes forgiveness is so essential to the offended, not the offender.

Discovering who was behind and responsible for the targeted killings, Page got her from the Mayor who paid severely for the baby.

Bribery & Corruption

Bribery and corruption are one of those vices that keep most societies stagnated. Most influential government officials are corrupt; we all know this. Most affluent people always try to use money and influence to cover their crimes and get away. This is so true with Mayor Norbert Young in this Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee. Not to stain his image with his own crimes he offered a huge sum.

Security Measures to Prevent Baby Theft at Hospitals

Babies’ lives matter. We need more security measures placed in hospitals.

Synopsis of the Psycho Thriller Movie Ward Zee

A young woman fights for her life and that of her missing son when she wakes up from the strangest of places without a baby she supposedly conceived two days ago in Ward Zee of a given hospital.

Every trace of her ever being pregnant or having put to birth are nonexistent. Her husband and maid have disappeared into thin air and everyone she comes across who seem to believe her seemingly delusional story is a target.

PAGE and her team of A curious Neighbor A police officer, An ex-lover, and A come-back sister are bent on puzzling out the mystery behind the disappearance of the baby. But how so, when not even she,(the mother) can REMEMBER.

Is this a wild ghost chase with a woman who may possibly HV buried her own son, or is someone bent on making her FORGET?