Check Out ShoesbyVidal | Cameroon’s Top Lux Footwear Brand

Look Keenly and you Will Notice The Problem With this Cameroonian Lux Footwear Brand? ''Shoes by Vidal''

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ShoesbyVidal is one of Cameroon’s premium footwear brands with high profile clients like Samuel Eto’o.


Footwear is one of the least talked about in the Cameroonian fashion scene. At fashion avenues, a variety of costumes is exhibited. Whereas little or no attention is given to footwear brands and shoemakers. However, Shoes by Vidal is a made in Cameroon footwear brand.

Shoes by Vidal which was founded in 2016, combines style, comfort, and longevity while utilizing the 19th-century techniques. Their shoes are luxe, and even match the quality of huge foreign brands like Gucci.

The brand is committed to maintaining the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, quality, and service that its customers have enjoyed for some time.

Most Cameroonians believe in foreign brands. When it comes to footwear they prefer imported shoes which is sad. However, Vidal’s exquisite collections will blow your mind and make you rethink deeply about Cameroon’s shoemakers.

A plethora of Cameroonian celebrities are satisfied customers of Vidal.

The shoe manufacturing sector has been abandon for a long time in Cameroon. After the collapse of shoe producing companies like Bata; Cameroonians have resorted to foreign brands in the likes of Gucci, Piere Cardin, Zara and many more.

However, Vidal and a few Cameroonian shoemakers are fastly becoming game changers. Thus making Cameroonians believe that good footwear of a top-notch quality could also be fabricated in Cameroon.


Why Not Promote Our Own?

If Cameroonians embark on Project Wear Cameroon, it shall tremendously uplift our local manufacturers not necessarily shoemakers. This will encourage shoemakers like ShoesbyVidal become international brands like Zara.  Project Wear Nigeria by Chimamanda Ngozi has skyrocketed Nigeria’s Fashion. Cameroon can do better.


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