CEO of Konga Shola Adekoya Resigns

Konga of CEO Shola Adekoya Resigns

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Shola Adekoya resigns as CEO of Konga with a single tweet. He made the announcement via a tweet from his personal handle on Twitter, he went on …

Over to you Nick. Wishing you and @shopkonga all the best as I join the Konga Alumni. Thanks to all the current and ex-Konga staff that gave me their best towards building a great Konga while I was at the helm of affairs.

Shola took the reins in 2016 when Konga’s founder and former CEO Sim Shagaya resigned from the company he helped found in 2012.

Formerly Chief Operating Officer at Konga, Shola took over as the interim CEO until the board decided on a new CEO, but he apparently performed well and stayed on as no replacement was named in the time leading up to his resignation.

Last month, The Zinox Group acquired Konga in a deal that was as shocking as it was shrouded in mystery. As ownership has changed hands, lots of leadership shakeups are expected.

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