Silicompressor: A Blessing to the Android Developer Community

Silicompressor a Blessing to the Android Developer Community
Silicompressor a Blessing to the Android Developer Community

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Two Buea based engineers Akah Harvey L and Toure Nathan recently launched an updated version of Silicompressor for the Android Open Source Library. Silicompressor came into being in an effort to improve the performance and creativity of the android developer community worldwide.

Akah Harvey L and Toure Nathan


It’s usually said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Images add flair and beauty to our android apps, but we usually have problems with these images due to their large size. With SiliCompressor you can now compress and use your images more smoothly.

Due to the high resolution of our Smartphone cameras and cameras from other devices, Video files have become large in size and thus difficult for it to be shared with others on social apps, social media and even when we need to upload it to our server. With SiliCompressor you can now compress your video file while maintaining its quality.

Notwithstanding, the state of the art lossless video compression component is aided by video media parsers from folks at Telegram to deliver state of the art compression of videos in mp4 formats on Android.

It is worth noting that both the image compression and video compression in the SiliCompressor library are superior to Whatsapp’s, tested on android 5.0+ and is 3% more efficient.

”We have heard from many popular android forums about how such a compression library was badly needed and we are happy to have been able to wrap one such library” Larry opened up.

”We took the task to scrap the internet till we found pieces that we could play with and ended with a nice elegant library that we could release to the world like great artists dropping a new track” said the Buea base engineer.

Silicompresors saves time as it warrants Android developers to plug into the elegantly packaged tiny little library into the app and they can effortlessly compress images and videos in just a single line of code.

You can take a 30MB mp4 video for example and bring it down to just about 500Kb with 99.9% quality maintenance. Isn’t it Amazing?

As an Android developer, you don’t even have to pause your UI as the library takes care of managing any delaying task in the background so that you can keep your user experience as smooth as possible and your app performance up there.

You can build amazing things keeping size and bandwidth to the minimum and save your users the trouble of worrying about storage or power. If apps like WhatsApp, snap chat or Telegram can have this power in their apps, why not you?

”We are positive that developers are gonna marvel and love this all the way. We remain committed to making android development even more awesome and to do that we are always working to bring just the best tools necessary for the most daunting of tasks on such a vast and diverse ecosystem”.


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