Soli Egbe Saga Betrays Bandy Kiki’s Feminist Hypocrisy

Soli Egbe Saga
Soli Egbe Saga betrays Bandy Kiki's Feminist Hypocrisy

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There’s something immensely troubling about this Soli Egbe/Zack Orji alleged sex scandal. It highlights the sexism in our culture and also the casual hypocrisy of certain people like Kiki Bandy who wrap themselves in the muffler of feminism. They are usually opportunists, opting for feminism only as a fad!


As I navigated the flood of blog posts on this alleged sex scandal, it was interesting for me to see that the alleged sex act involved two parties but one person, the younger female, was being shamed.

Soli is a little known upcoming actress while Zack Orji is a powerhouse, acting legend, old and professional enough to be considered the more responsible party in this affair. Kiki wrote that Soli Egbe f**ks Nigeria actor.

It is Soli Egbe who is being shamed, she is the predator, not the older, accomplished man. Apparently, if this happened, it must have been her fault. She must have thrown herself at him and he had no choice, no power, no control.

Soli Egbe Saga
Zack Orji

Some even said she was acting too familiar with him, so he was her victim. This is the type of mentality that has helped foster an environment of abuse by powerful men who prey on the vulnerable, naive and desperate and yet go absolutely untouched because their victims are always found guilty of making themselves too available.

They are accused and condemned for being too playful, too casual, too suggestive and the man had no choice!!!

Soli Egbe Saga
Bandy Kiki

Never mind the fact that there is no proof, because she cozied up to him, they had sex; never mind the fact that even if they had sex, she used only her body parts and not that of the industry; never mind the fact that if we are talking about image, it is mostly Nollywood that should be embarrassed by this alleged indiscretion by a legend; the only thing that matters is that in this case who is supposed to be the adult? A girl in her twenties or a professional in his 60s?

I have come to have very little expectations from Kamer bloggers. After all most don’t make big claims about activism. I have an issue with someone I admire, Kiki Bandy joining the bandwagon to report on a rumour that only helps to disparage a girl while leaving the man unscathed.

Soli Egbe Saga
Soli Egbe

It is the type of feminism that she advocates for because it is cool and trendy. It is something she can wear like mascara in public and remove to reveal the dark spots on her face in her bedroom.

The truth is she doesn’t really care about feminism, she uses it as an opportunity. That’s why she can’t be consistent! After all, such a scandal is not something a feminist just reports as hot tea. Not when it denigrates a woman!

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