New Song – Stand for Peace – Solution To Anglophone Crisis?

Stand for Peace

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Its never too late to stand for peace. Niki Heat Entertainment brought together four Cameroonian vocalists to preach unity and peace.
Musicians are great influencers in every society. Their voices count. But in a complex nation like Cameroon, you need to rethink and be courageous to air-out your opinions.
For two years now, the oil-rich nation has suffered from the plagues of the Anglophone crisis.
Lesline of Niki Heat Entertainment Ewube, Blaise B and Malgic team up. They did not disappoint in this solemn piece of peace.
”Stand for Peace” is a Campaign to create awareness about music’s power to inspire peace.
This long-awaited song comes at a time when both English speaking parts of Cameroon are in a turmoil.
These four stand against police brutality, barbarism, and cruelty. They do so by spreading peace and harmony through music. Most victims of the crisis now languish in abject poverty. Some have lost their homes and property to ruthless military invasions.
The Anglophone crisis started as a peaceful protest by Lawyers and Teachers. It went further to civil disobedience and school boycott. It has recently morphed into an arm struggle. 
 The mass exodus of Anglophones to francophone regions portrays the need for peace. The senseless killing of unarmed civilians is the norm.
Its high time both separatist and the government of Cameroon stood for peace, and put an end to the war.