Join Top Showbiz Personalities Foje Jencey, Audrey Monkam, Dr Nkeng and William Nsai at Two-3-Seven Model Bootcam

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Two 3 Seven Model Bootcamp is a gateway to becoming a top Cameroonian Model in 2018. Niki Heat and its partners will be organizing a 3-day workshop slated for June 28th to 30th 2018.

This workshop is called Two-3-Seven Model Bootcamp. Two-3-Seven Model Bootcamp is open to aspiring models and beauty pageant contestants.

The objective of Two-3-Seven Model Bootcamp is to teach young people interested in pursuing a career in acting, fashion, and modeling critical skills needed to succeed.

It will be filmed and produced into a television show and will also have a lot of coverage from print and online news platforms.

Learn from a panel of industry influencers including supermodels Valery Ayena, Foje Jency, Audrey Monkam, Adama Bazile etc. Important personalities in showbiz such as Dr Nkeng Stephens and William Nsai will also participate as instructors.

Africa’s fashion and entertainment landscape are fast evolving in recent times. Attributed the fastest growing industry among young people in Africa.

Showbiz provides employment to thousands of youths in film, music, makeup, modeling, fashion design, and blogging.

Hence, there is a need for more Cameroonian youths to join the bandwagon to acquire more related skills.


Two 3 Seven Model Bootcamp Package;

Catwalk Lessons and Runway Training


  1. Our practical runway session will have you walking like a professional model
  2. Learn the latest trends in runway/fashion parades
  3. Catwalk lessons cover choreographed routines, model turns and perfecting the model walk
  4. Our runway session will finish with your participation in a real fashion parade!
  5. Learn from the experts! Our runway training sessions are taught by highly experienced professional models

Acting and Television Modelling

  1. Hands-on workshops in television hosting and presenting
  2. Television commercials
  3. Preparation for television auditions, screen tests and castings
  4. Basic acting tips
  1. Overcoming stage fright, refining your voice and mannerisms

Modelling Tips and Industry Overview

  1. Individual direction on how to prepare for a career as a professional model
  2. Advice and direction regarding choosing a reputable modelling agencies
  3. How to prepare portfolios and composite cards
  4. Do’s and don’ts of modelling
  5. How to market yourself
  6. How to spot scams

Model Make-up

  1. Learn how to apply professional model make-up from professionals
  2. The secret art of contouring, color selection and shading
  3. Eyebrow Shaping
  4. Learn the latest tips and make-up trends


  1. Learn how to move, pose and be photographed to ensure the best results
  2. Learn how to position head, shoulders, and eyes. Also, learn how to keep an expression.
  3.  Photography session (ideal start for your portfolio)

Posture and Body Language

Top Cameroonian Model
  1. Learn how to walk confidently
  2. Active posture – walking, sitting and standing
  3. Learn the art of positive body language, shaking hands etc.
  4. How to embody a positive attitude

Fashion and Wardrobe Styling Sessions

  1. Dress according to your own body shape and coloring
  2. How and when to use accessories
  3. Dressing on a budget
  4. Mixing, matching and coordinating your wardrobe
  5. Dressing to suit the occasion

Etiquette Training

Top Cameroonian Model
  1. Table manners and dining out (cutlery, chopsticks, eating spaghetti etc.)
  2. Telephone/mobile and social media etiquette


How to Register

  • You must be between 15-22 years old to participate.
  • Registration is 30,000 Francs and covers lodging, feeding and workshop participation for 3 days.
  • Spots are limited. Pay through Mobile Money to 6 50 95 62 36.